Mascara is the most used makeup after lipstick. You would used it even on bare faced days or you want your eyes to look brighter with full makeup. Everyone has their own preference. But it is important to take note of a few things.
Most mascara brands on the market contain toxic chemicals that is harmful and could result in blindness.
When it comes to choosing a product for your makeup collection, there are certain ingredients you may want to avoid.

Mascara Ingredients to Avoid

Propylene Glycol
Something to watch out for are petroleum-based formulas, like Propylene Glycol. This can trigger an allergic reaction and actually slow down the growth of your eyelashes. Look for hypoallergenic labels or mascaras with lash conditioners to avoid these adverse reactions.

Retinyl Acetate
Also known as Vitamin A Acetate, can be dangerous. It causes biochemical and cellular level changes that is linked to serious issues like gene mutation, cancer and reproductive toxicity.

These are often used in mascaras to prevent bacteria from forming. High concentrations of parabens have been linked to breast cancer tumours. It may be a good idea to look for paraben-free mascaras, like the Sofwanah Cosmestics Magnifier Mascara S$19.50.

Aluminum Powder
Used to add colour to mascara, this ingredient has been found to interfere with processes in the nervous system and has even been linked to Alzheimer's disease.

How to Get Perfect Lashes

Curl It 
Use a good quality lash curler. Stay away from curlers that have a slippery grip, as they can get caught on your eyelashes and pull them out. It is totally safe to use your eyelash curler every single day, if you’re using a clean curler with the correct techniques.

Wipe It 
Wipe the wand on a tissue, which will eliminate blobs before you start.

Zig, Then Zag
Using a zig zag motion from the root to the tips of your lashes will help keeping your lashes glob-free and perfectly separated.

Gentle Circles
Do not pump mascara in and out. This pushes air into the tube, which will make the mascara dry out faster, causing clumping and flaking. Move your brush in a circular motion, then take it out of the tube.

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