Magnifier Easy Wash Mascara

Magnifier Easy Wash Mascara

Sofwanah Cosmetics
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It magnifies & defines your eyelashes.
It is long-wearing, holds curls, smudge-proof and water soluble.

The mascara wand is designed in varying lengths to separate and comb through lashes effortlessly, making it ideal for clump-free & finely separated lashes!

Curl your lashes then apply the
Start applying from the root of your lashes and gently move upwards.
Repeat until it covers the entire lashes and repeat the application up to 3 coats to your desired voluminous effect.

Directions to remove:
Simply soak a wet cotton pad, place it on your lashes while closing your eyes, leave it on for 30 seconds then gently pull downwards.
The mascara should peel off instantly

This product is paraben free and animal cruelty free.

Net wt. 18g